My art shows the beauty I see in the world, beauty that possibly borders on magic. I strive to see the beauty in everything. Though I am not always successful, in my mind it is one of the most noble efforts. It starts by noticing the smallest details and highlighting what I find captivating.
It is the reflection of two colors vibrating off one another. Or discovering the perfect amounts of pigment used to reveal the truth of every dimension. I give my full attention to what is right in front of me. I see the lines, the shades, the defects and... it's magnificent. 
In my work, I am searching for the alluring bond between us and the wild world surrounding us. The moments when we encounter something purely natural and free. Where the phenomenon of time seems to have stopped. Where we find ourselves feeling gigantic and atomically small. I want to hold that magical moment or memory and never let it go. 
Each piece is focused on a specific subject depicting their spirit and beauty. My abstractions and shapes are what I choose to replicate the spiritual burst of oneness connecting us all to one another. 
- Jacqui Proctor
Photo credit : Kara Fallon

Photo credit : Kara Fallon